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All You Need to know about “behind-the-meter” Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

If you are looking for a solution to save money by using solar energy with zero upfront cost for your business, this blog post is for you. Behind-the-meter Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is easily available to businesses just like an alternative funding mechanism. This is one of the ways to have solar panels providing energy to your property so you can enjoy the benefits of this solar energy solution. This solution is perfect for those who wanted to switch to renewable energy without owning or maintaining equipment. This is also perfect for those who want to have solar energy solutions but don’t own the property and have a long-term tenancy of their site.

This is how it works.

A power plant will be installed in the business site by an energy provider and will be owned by a third party during the course of an agreement. They will cover the cost of the installation and will sell the energy to the customer at a reasonable rate. Basically, lower than the retailer offers. The energy generated from the solar powerplant will be transferred to the customer behind the electricity meters. The Solar PPA provider may outsource the installation process.

Here’s why it is beneficial to your company:

✔️As mentioned above, there will be no big upfront costs.
✔️Savings can be foreseen because the rate is much lower than that of commercial electricity retailers.
✔️When natural calamities happen, like hailstorms, the expense of repairing the panels will be shouldered by the PPA provider. Thus, having no impact on the business finances apart from the waiting period that may cause them to make use of the grid energy temporarily.
✔️At the end of the agreement, you may get the option to buy the equipment.

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