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Making the most out of your solar energy solutions

Your family income spreadsheets or your business’ budget reports will again be altered as another electricity rate hike is here to come. Energy company bosses warned for an increase of 35 percent for households caused by the tight supply, closure of coal-powered power stations, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

With the unstable electricity rate throughout this year, you must have thought about turning to solar to stabilize your expenses, at least. That’s a no-brainer. Survey says that 22 percent of Australian households consider buying rooftop solar panels while 27 percent are interested in installing a home battery. Furthermore, 27 percent are considering an electric vehicle.

If you are one of the 27 percent who is interested in installing a home battery, then keep reading.

You may want to know the benefits first. Let’s take them one by one.

  • When you have a battery/batteries installed you are more energy-independent. It’s like having savings. You know you can get something from somewhere when you run out.
  • Your building/home is using clean energy even in the absence of sunlight, day and night.
  • Your energy bill will be reduced because you are able to make the most out of your solar energy solution.
  • Your carbon footprint is decreased.

With a battery/batteries installed in your system, you can make use of the excess energy generated by your solar energy solution at a later time. This is a life-saver especially during unexpected power outages or at night.

LREnergy offers top-of-the-line battery brands and guarantees that they will meet your needs and expectations. This is an excellent investment for your business or an addition to your solar energy solution and saves more money. To learn more about the batteries offered by LR Energy, please visit this page.

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