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LR Energy offers Need Based
"SOLAR SOLUTIONS" rather than just

Be smart with your energy use!
Our smart solar accessories will help you measure and manage your energy consumption.

We deal in all leading brands for mounting rails and kits and understand that not all solar products are the same nor will they suit everyone’s needs. That is why we at LR Energy take the time to sit down and listen to your needs to ensure we are personalizing the right solution to your energy requirements. Below is the list of products we can deal in and depending on your energy requirement, system configuration and system design.

Fronius Smart Meter​

Fronius Smart Meter details how much energy is being produced by your solar system and that is passed via the inverter, to the grid. It also indicates the power being consumed by the household and if there are any errors or notifications that needs attention. This product is a bidirectional meter that measures self-consumption, means you can see what areas of the house are consuming more energy and make smart changes to limit or utilize consumption.

It is also connected to the built-in data logger Solar app & monitoring system which allows you to check daily energy balances, feed-in tariff & energy retailer earnings in AUD and how much CO2 emissions is avoided based on your production. It is advised to include a smart meter at the time of your solar system installation or upgrade. This way the same electrician can assist with set up and adjustments if needed.

SMA Energy Meter

Integrating the SMA Energy Meter is an intelligent way of measuring and managing your PV system’s energy with SMA devices for better cost savings and increased energy consumption.

The SMA Energy Meter calculates phase-exact and balanced electrical measured values and communicates these via Ethernet in the local network. In this way, all data on grid feed-in and purchased electricity as well as PV generation by other PV inverters can be communicated to SMA systems frequently and accurately. The meter is easy to use, quickly installed, uses Local WebUI with graphic visualizations, space-saving because of its compact enclosure, suitable for universal use, bidirectional reading and can also be used in single-phase systems*.

SolarEdge Modbus Energy Meter​

The Energy Meter with Modbus Connection is used for production, consumption or import/export monitoring and for Export Limitation. Features high accuracy meter readings (up to 0.5%) for production/consumption monitoring, supplies meter readings to the inverter for Feed-in Limitation, small and easy to install, supports residential, commercial and utility-size installations.

GOODWE Smart Meter

GoodWe’s Smart Meter is designed with high-precision small-scale dimensions, and convenient operation and installation. Can be used for both single-phase and three-phase grid system connection to detect voltage, current, power and energy, and for working with inverters including SEMS systems for the purpose of energy management.

SUNLOCK Commercial Solar Mounting Systems

SUNLOCK designs, manufactures and distributes a range of Commercial Mounting Systems and products for commercial and utility-scale solar projects.