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Folia Apartments by Mirvac

Solar Sharing | Doncaster

One of the most prestigious neighbourhood in Doncaster. They’ve installed 70 kW solar system with the solar-sharing feature that optimises the financial benefit to all connected residences. In the first nine months of installing a solar-sharing solution for its 39 prestige and penthouse apartments, it has:

  •  saved 2 tonnes of CO2
  • reduced 30% of grid consumption
  •  slashed ~$300 on electricity bills

Residents said that they were attracted to live in the building because of its sustainability features, particularly the rooftop solar technology.

Source: Allume Energy

Waterline Crescent Apartments

Solar Sharing | Bulimba, Brisbane

Waterline Crescent Apartments, an 18-residence complex in Bulimba, Brisbane, underwent a sustainability upgrade in 2021. The body corporate opted for a retrofit, installing 39.6 kWp solar panels using Allume’s SolShare technology. This innovative solution connected solar power to each of the 18 apartments, transforming the building into an eco-friendly space.


  • saved 4.8 tonnes of CO2
  • reduced 29% reduction in consumption from the grid
  • saved $1,486 from lot owner’s electricity bills

Source: Allume Energy

Evolve Housing

Solar Sharing | Evolve Housing

Evolve Housing, a leading community housing provider. Completed in 2020, this retrofit project for 17 apartments incorporated 27.5 kWp of solar panel capacity, marking a notable stride towards sustainable social housing solutions.

  • saved 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per apartment
  • reduced 27% in grid consumption
  • saved an average of $437 on electricity bills per apartment

Source: Allume Energy

Hussey & Co

Solar Sharing | Mornington Peninsula

Hussey & Co, a significant lettuce farm on the Mornington Peninsula, faced substantial energy costs crucial for its operations in producing, processing, and storing agricultural products. 

  •  reduces 754 tonnes CO2 annually
  •  saving $86,000 on power bills each year

Source: Allume Energy

Milawa Free Range Poultry

Commercial Solar | Victoria

Milawa Free Range Poultry, a Victoria-based farm with over 50,000 free-range chickens producing 3.2 million eggs yearly, embraced sustainability with a 22 kW solar system. This system powers 94% of their consumption, slashing electricity bills by 75% with a three-year ROI. Government incentives boosted this eco-friendly shift, emphasizing their commitment to renewable energy and financial resilience.

  •  reduces 8.5 tonnes CO2 annually
  • reduced 75% in grid consumption

Top Quality Finishing Pty. Ltd.

Commercial Solar | Victoria

Top Quality Finish (TQF), renowned for its expertise in professional cabinet painting and refinishing, expanded its commitment to sustainability by embracing renewable energy solutions. 

TQF faced the challenge of finding a sustainable energy solution that aligned with its commitment to environmental responsibility while also offering long-term financial benefits. With rising energy costs and increasing awareness of climate change, the company sought a reliable alternative to traditional grid-based electricity that would reduce its carbon emissions and also provide substantial savings over time.

TQF partnered with Lifetime Renewable Energy to design and install a customized 39.6KW solar panel system.

Armistead Fencing Pty. Ltd.

Commercial Solar | Victoria

Armistead Fencing – Chainlink Fencing Melbourne operates as a family-owned and operated chainlink fencing company situated in Cranbourne South, Melbourne. Their primary goal is to offer chainlink fencing that is both cost-effective and maintains high standards of strength, durability, and meticulous attention to detail.

Following the successful installation of their 16.64 KW solar panel system, Armistead Fencing experienced immediate benefits. The company significantly reduced its reliance on grid-based electricity, resulting in substantial cost savings on energy bills. Moreover, Armistead Fencing’s transition to solar power aligned with its commitment to sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.